Friday, February 02, 2007

Love the conquerer...

I rented an apartment in the third week of January and it's been about two weeks I am living here. Living in Fraternity is expensive but I don't need to worry about cooking food at all. At my new place, everything has to be done by myself. I have to cook, clean, wash, throw the garbage and do house chores. And I also have to think when I should go shopping and how much I should spend for this week or so.

On the other hand, it took me a lot of time to set up Internet. My partner is doing nothing for our house. It sucks! But, at least, he is paying half of my rent. I must thank him for that payment and for not giving me trouble so far.

Well, complaints are not the solutions to the problem. I must do what I gotta do. So, just stay tuned to your mind and charge forward. I'm now making an expense list for the past two weeks. I know I spent a lot of money on ebay shopping. But, I went shopping mostly for my nieces and my sister back home. I bought USB Flash Drives, 1 GB SD memory card, 2 batteries and charger, and a charger for my phone. They are worth to spend. I also bought one SkypeIn and one SkypeOut account. I did a thorough research to get the number I really want and finally I got it. I spent around $ 110. But, I also sold a graphic calculator to a student for $ 70. So, it's not bad at all. I spent only $ 40 overall. Moreover, I also sold my lamp for $ 15 and got an offer of $ 15 for my fridge. So, they would make $ 30. To sum up, I spent only $ 10 (40-30) for my family and myself. And my sister, my mom and my nieces would be happy to get the presents from me. Furthermore, I'm getting one year unlimited call in Skype and 3 months subscription for my SkypeIn number. Good job, man!

I'm a bit struggling with Physics and Combinatorics Math. But, I won't drop them. I will try to recover from the mess during this weekend. I'm losing some points for late Homeworks. But, I'm not losing yet. And I'm not born to lose! I recovered from depression last semester. And I headed up from my unhealthy love relationship. So, why should I worry about more upcoming challenges? Come on! Taste my blood!

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