Monday, February 05, 2007

Me and the paradox!

Sometimes, I am a bird
flying high to the sky and soaring over the river

Sometimes, I am a young man
setting goals and charging towards them

Sometimes, I am a lazybone
sleeping in the bed and skipping my morning classes

Sometimes, I am a man
being loved and looked upon by my family members and other needies

Sometimes, I am a loner
missing home and longing for the love from faraway land

Sometimes, I am an insane person
feeling so nervous and knowing nothing to do

Sometimes, I am a wise man
sitting calm and thinking about the relationship between me and the world

Life has bright and dark sides
So does my life have
To taste the essence of the warm sunny day
I am now walking in the cold windy night...

I wish the night is not too long nor too short
If the night is too short, my works would not be so special
If the night is too long, I am doubtful about my endurance

I don't have the right to choose the longevity but the quality of my life.
Cause 'I am the captain of my soul' but not the creator of it!

(I wish I could write my poem in Burmese!)

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