Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cook and clean...

I got up late today. After tidying up my room a bit, I cleaned up the living room and took out the stuffs from the bags. I wished I had internet so that I could play my favorite music while I was cleaning my house.

Then, I cooked Chicken with Potatoes. While I was waiting for the food to be done, I made a cup of Cocoa. Wow. It's delicious. Mai hasn't come back yet. I later found out that he forgot his key. Haha, poor kid...

Everybody was going to the Inauguration party. I had very limited time and thus I decided to stay at home and do house chores. I miss you, honey. I miss you.
When I cleaned the old stuffs, I found letters from my mom and sisters. I read them again and I cried a bit. I miss home. When can i go back home? When shall I have a chance to go back and meet my family there?

I paid all the items bought from ebay this evening coz these packages should be received by Feb. 2. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. I wrote some pages in my diary today.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm under the weather now.

Unavoidable Truth is coming up...

The Line Between Us.

You took my heart away!

Wandering Thoughts!

I miss you, Honey.
I will love you as long as I live.
I'm gonna be around whenever you need me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chess Club is officially founded!

I founded a chess club tonight. I'm really glad to meet the people who have the same interest as mine. Five officer positions were created and we discussed briefly about our upcoming activities for this semester. It's a good feeling to explore your inner mind and get the most out of yourself. I am proud of leading this Chess club during my school year at Wabash.

This kind of feeling is dejavu to me coz I felt the same feeling in 2001 when I led a paying-homage ceremony to our teachers at ACE Programming schools. You know what! I, sometimes, thank God for giving me an unconquerable soul in my heart. I was torn down by broken-hearted feeling for a week or so. But, finally, I recovered. Right now, I'm totally determined for my future and upcoming success. Love is just an illusion. I should try to forget. (Michael Learns said these words. Not me!)

I'm thinking about these pictures as the logo for my chess club as well as for the Chess Club T-shirts.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Visit to Purdue Graduate School

Today, I went to Purdue Graduate school and talked to the professors there.
The weather was a bit foggy but we arrived the campus safe and sound around 9 am. The recruiter escorted us to the Math Department building and we were welcomed by the Graduate Chair. He explained to me and Feng Mai about Math Graduate Programs. Man, I can afford it. It's only $ 711 for the whole semester including the Teaching Assistantship and fellowships. Not bad at all.

Then, I joined the Abstract Algebra class taught by Professor Lepin from Harvard University. The class is a bit boring but the subject is interesting. After that, I went up to 6th floor to meet Professor Abyankhar. He got his Ph.D from Harvard. He's very friendly and he even lent me one of his textbook.

Later on, me and Feng Mai were greeted by another Graduate student, Dave, who accompanied us to the Coffee shop and Math Department Library. Everything went well. We had an excellent dinner at Jake's Steak (I believe). Then, we went back to the Wabash College. Thanks for arranging this trip, Mr. Scott!

Well, I need to plan my future much more concisely from now on. No more wondering about the broken heart, my man! It's more important not to let your life broken into pieces. Be real! Be tough! Be potent! :D

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Time Flies!

Time's going too fast here. It also means that I will have to go back to my school pretty soon and another semester is about to start. I have a lot of struggle last semester and gladly could I handle with my depression. The stakes are too high to continue and thus I made up my mind to work on my plan B.

For whatever happened, happening and yet to happen, I thank you, sweetheart. Your words and encouragement are the must for me especially in this hard time. I'll be hoping the day we can unite together without worrying about other people's opinions. I'm alone but not lonely anymore.

Alright, it sounds like it's time to sleep now.
G'night everyone.
And Happy New Year to you all...