Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm in Love....

Into the Darkness I am gazing at,
Without you, everything is so meaningless.

Hope to hear the ring from my cell,
Feel like my heart is burning to hell.

On youtube, I listened to "Keep Bleeding"
Leona, do you mean that she will be leaving?

Oh, please stop it and come back to me
Can't afford you trying to flee.

Mornings came and evenings are gone
The days without you, my days are torn.

C'mon, honey, it's not a joke
Can't even help myself gulping a coke.

Rice or curry I lost interest
Just murmuring "My Love, My Love"

Look around you, who else do you have?
Me, myself and my heart to be hijacked.

Look, honey, a leaf is falling
Wish you will be with me tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah, baby, I'm not a poet
But, please know that I'm in love.



WWKM said...

I've already read ur nice poem Ko Yan Aung.
I feel sad for u. hut hut hut :P
Good luck for everythings.

With regards,
Ma War

ေဗဒါရီ said...

လက္စသတ္ေတာ့ ...
ဆရာရန္ေအာင္က ဘိုလိုပ်ံတာတာကိုး ... :)

Anonymous said...


Chaos said...

poet is one who can interpret all his feelings into a poem.A nice poem bro.. smts missing some can let u write a perfect poem. :)


Yoyo, awesome! nice feeling with good expression. Loving her makes you be poet, hathat :)