Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finals! Finals! Finals!

Man, I'm pretty busy with my finals and I forgot to update my blog during these days.
The thing is that I've been moody for a while due to many reasons such as financial breakdown, lower grade, late assignments etc...

It's not easy to be a foreign student in a country where there is no single support for you except you have yourself. I need money for my tuition and I'm struggling with that. Sometimes, it gives me a lot of headache to continue my education here.

Well, I must wait patiently under the hot sun for the shady day. Right? Whenever I'm in a hard situation like this, I try to evaluate it to the lowest level. Then, I build up myself from that pile of ashes. If you expect the worst, you don't feel like losing too much. I regret for whatever I've done wrongly in the past. But, I won't be willing to give a lot of time just to mourn for my mistakes. Whatever it is, the conclusion should be good. If the conclusion is not good, whatever you have done earlier means nothing.

This is not an ulitmate conclusion yet. But, it's some kind of conclusion for this semester though. That's why I'm working my ass off to compensate for whatever I've lost in the past.

I wish I could get a stable life. But, you know, life is not always giving you what you want. My 5-year-blueprint is still valid so far. So, why should I bother with this trivial loss? If you are doing something great, you have maximum risks too. So, I need to know how to cope with regret to do better in the future. Regret is just the regret. You can take advantage of regret if you can see clearly what you have done wrong. But, regret is not a thing you should keep in your mind. It's a drawback. It's a terrible pullback. If you don't know how to regret wisely, your life would be destroyed by and large.

Well, I talk a lot today. I should get back to my study now. At least, updating my blog gives me relief from my stress.
Good luck with whatever you are planning to do, friends!

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Hla Win May Oo said...

How nice... "you have yourself"! My life experience has revealed this is really important... Having you there for yourself.. Wishing you all the best!