Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why do people want to create their own blogs?

The answer depends on what the bloggers really want to do with their blogs. Most of the bloggers are just talking about themselves and their daily events. Doubtlessly, no one really cares about other people's personal stuffs except the celebrities'. Today, I went through many blogs and found some interesting difference between an entertaining blog and a dull blog.

Here's the rule of thumb.
You can talk about yourself in your blog and that's the way it's supposed to be. But, it's always better if you can express yourself in a thoughtful way such as making honest comments about yourself and others. People want to gain something from reading your blog. Humor is the best method to attract the readers. And some inspirational thoughts would be great to decorate your blog. Furthermore, such a blend of humor and vision will reveal what kind of person you really are. These are the cornerstones of creating a successful and entertaining blog regardless of the language and the template you choose.

No wonder I want my blog read by many people. So, what should I do? I should browse other people's blogs and analyze them by comparing each other. Also, I should not forget about creating an inviting template for my blog. It takes time but it pays off finally. At least, you have a space on this earth. You are the one and you are your own person. You own your blog. And, I strongly believe having a blog will weigh when you sit for a job interview. Just imagine how you will feel when you say 'check my blog at' and you will see my summer internships and other activities. blah... blah... blah...'.

Remember 'Fortune favors those who prepare.' You can't create a perfect blog overnight. This process looks like building your credit history. So, own your blog starting from today!
The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step FORWARD.
Hmm...I feel good.

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Hla Win May Oo said...

Big Clap!You did it. :)