Sunday, August 10, 2008

ရည္းစားငုတ္တုတ္နဲ႔ အဘုိးၾကီးအုိအုိ... :)


mmhan said...

Lol, that's some piece of work, man.

I couldn't stop myself laughing watching both of 'em.

What's wrong with Myanmar's Music Industry?

Linn said...

No offence, but I disagree with mmhan.
Change is necessary for growth. These people are trying to do something different. Personally I see a lot of efforts and skills in their works.
They might stumble, they might look a little wierd, but the thing is - we have to appreciate their effort to bring "difference" into an industry where everybody is too afraid to take the risk of "change".

well.. just my two cents..

mmhan said...

Well, I do agree with you that Change is necessary for growth.

However, it doesn't mean not every change is a good change.

And I think, to give an opinion of what is good and what is not from peers like us is necessary for a good change.

My personal view might not be the absolute truth, but when a majority of people see something as bad, or laughable, then some artist might need to reconsider their approach of the Change that they are doing.

moenya said...

it was copied from india song.
juz look at the song's rhythms and the dance style.
totally defeated the original song.
i feel lyke i was looking at some bunch of craps.