Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oops! I did it again.... :)

What's uppppp, guys!

Forgive me for not being able to post around these days.

First, I have been super-busy with my daily activities.

Second, I am missing her soooo much. :)

Third, my laptop was infected with some hard-to-kill viruses.

Fourth, I'm sooooooooooooo maddddd.

hat hat hat..

Yeah! It's really a frustrating experience. Just think about it, man!
Your precious files are gone...

Especially, her picutres... :((((((

"Her pictures" by that I mean my mom's pictures....


Furthermore, I hate blogging in English. I don't know why.
Before blogging in Burmese, it was ok to write in bilingual ways.

But, after being in touch with myanmar blogger community to an extent, I have been quite estranged from blogging in English. I'd prefer writing in Burmese. Sometimes, I feel like composing in English, but I decided I'd rather post it on my English blog instead of on my "".

What am I doing now, huh?

I'm scanning my virus-infected computer while I was writing this post with an outdated laptop.

You might be wondering why I didn't download Zawgyi font and keyboards so that I can still write up a burmese post.

Straight answer?

I just don't wanna do it, man!

Give me a break. :))))

Lazybone or bonelazy or whatsoever you wanna dub me!
I don't care.

Hat hat hat..

Just pulling your legs, guys...

My other computer totally crashed and I am now trying to recover the system. Hope it will be back to normal by tomorrow morning, or NOT.

At this moment, I'm just crossing my fingers, my toes, my hands, my feet and whatever I can cross to make it work. LOL!

Anyway, I gotta stop my complaint right here.

You guys have fun!!!! OK?



Yadanar Soe said...

I saw no one give u any comments. I think it is because u wrote in english. i believe most of our fri don't like to read in english. i wish u can post in myanmar soon.

ur reader,

mabaydar said...

well... u seem to have a bit messed up feeling when u writing this post. Sometime it is good to let go by writing in English.
Sometime i also feel like writing in English some of the things that i couldn't describe in Myanmar well coz it's might feel kinda rude in Myanmar term. Well.. u did it again.. :)