Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spellbounded Drama...

Gazing at the faraway mountains
Feel like blue and wants you so much
Not to be away from you again
Cause I,spellbounded, with your soft touch...

The midnights seem indifferent to me
My to-do list is postponed and queued
The days we sat besides the sea
Be still remembered although time flew...

Stood up and cried towards the waves
'Come on, my love!' into my arms
Your kisses are fondly engraved
Finely decorated with your marvelous charms...

My love for you is not just attachment
It's deeper and much more complicated
Some people said it's a torment
Don't care at all how they rated...

Through the Heaven I swear to God
I, here, to be supportive and romantic
Let the chances be still at odds
Mind is all set to be dramatic...



Kyaw said...

The days we sat besides the sea ဆိုပါလားဗ်။ ဘယ္ပင္လယ္ကမ္းေခ်လဲ လို ့သိခ်င္ေနတယ္။
ဟိုတေလာကပဲ မန္းေလးကိုလြမ္းေနဆိုလားလို ့။
စိတ္သြားတိုင္းကိုယ္ပါနိုင္ပါေစ bro ေရ.....။

myo chit mang maamang said...

ကိုရန္ေအာင္ရဲ့ bloggerကိုၾကည့္အခ်ိန္ဘယ္လိုကုန္ သြားမွန္းမသိလိုက္ပါဘုူး။အရမ္းကိုျပည့္ဆံုတယ္ဗ်ာ။ ကြ်န္ေတာ္ကိုလည္းအားရင္bloggerလုပ္ပံုလုပ္နည္းေတြသင္ေပးပါအံုး
ျပီးျဖစ္နိုင္ရင္ ကိုရန္ေအာင္ ရဲ့bloggerေပၚမွာ လုပ္ပံုလုပ္နည္း ေဖာ္ျပရင္ပိုျပီးျပည့္စံုသြားမယ္ထင္တယ္။ အထုူးေက်းဇုူးပါဗ်ာ