Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pakistan, Burma and Beyond....

Last night, I was browsing CNN news and suddenly the news about Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, came up as breaking news. He stepped down as the country’s military leader Wednesday, the day before he was to be sworn in for a third presidential term—as a civilian.

CNN says, ‘his retirement as general caps a 46-year career in the nation’s armed forces and ends eight years of military rule.’

Well, this was not actually shocking news but it made me think beyond our country’s politics.

In recent years, there were three military coups in Southeast Asia; Burma, Pakistan and Thailand. Speaking backward, Thailand is moving toward a peaceful political reconciliation. It’s not that bad. Pakistan came second. At least, Musharraf is no more military general. And he also vowed to bring political change for the better living of Pakistanis.

How about Burma? When? How?

It’s needless to answer my question. Never ever will political change in Burma happen as long as General Than Shwe and his followers are trying to make their chairs firm!

I, sometimes, wonder why our country has been in such kind of abysmal situation for decades. It’s so sad to learn that our Country is still undeveloped and so worn-out under military rule while other nations are stepping forward with full momentum. China became powerful in both global economics and military affairs after 1989 uprising. It’s only 18 years from now. Today’s China is completely different from China in 1989.


Today’s Burma is much worse than Burma in 1988. Both countries encountered the similar political turmoil! Both of them cracked down the mayhem using military forces killing thousands of innocent activists. Both of them ruled the country applying the similar restrictions upon the citizens. But different judgment and different vision made China reach so far ahead of Burma! That’s the line Burma and China became apart from each other. That’s the point why educated leaders are needed for the country.

In deed, We, Burmese, are not ordinary.

Yes! We are not just ordinary citizens. We regained our independence against the great British Empire. We fought back the Fascist Japan to get our real freedom. Our capital, Rangoon, had been looked upon by Singapore and other Southeast Asia countries. We had been great! We had been powerful in the region! We had been legend for a certain period.

Speaking of recent feats, U Thant became a secretary general of United Nations. Our beloved leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, won the Nobel Prize. The famous poet, Tha Journal Kyaw, won the international poet prize though he couldn’t attend the awarding ceremony in person. Moreover, Dr. Cynthia Maung from Mae Tao clinic won uncountable international awards for her great humanitarian works. The political activist, Nan Chan Taung, from WOMB met George W. Bush to discuss the Burma Junta’s cruel actions upon Ethnic groups.

We, Burmese Citizens, are courageous and united!
We, Burmese Citizens, are sentimental and reasonable!
We, Burmese Citizens, are success-oriented and optimistic!

Knowing those facts, Than Shwe and his followers have been consistently suppressing any political movements in Burma. They won’t even let the Buddhist monks escape from the torture when it jeopardizes their interest and power.

They are the most ferocious killers in the world!
They are the most reckless lawmakers in the history!
They are the most messed-up rulers ever in Burma history and Buddha Sasana as well.

The words are not enough to talk about their cruelness toward the ordinary citizens. While the Junta’s families abuse the country’s interests at their will, the ordinary citizens cannot even afford to buy the broken rice.

It is ….. so……………. R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S! O.U.T.R.A.G.E.O.U.S! A.B.S.U.R.D!

What should we do then?

Keep in mind that our media war upon SPDC is not over yet.

From now on, I will blog in both Burmese and English to get the international involvement in our media war.

As I stated before, we will organize a media-campaign panel which will mostly include patriotic Burmese political activists.

We will not be subsidized by any political organizations. We are our own people. We do as we believe. We do politics not for our living but for others’ brighter future. Hearing that, some people might snort at us because many other people have already stated that.

We won’t care at all. We are different.


We are bloggers. We are freelance writers. We are literate youths.

We are young. We are energetic. We are united!

We have hope. We have courage. We have can-do attitude.

This is IT age and we, bloggers, are running at the top of the game. We will combine our effort together for the sole reason; topple the Junta down!

By this date, we declare an absolute media war upon S.P.D.C of Burma!!!

We, Burmese Bloggers, will keep on carrying out our historical tasks, come hell or high water!!!

…justice reigns when everyone gets what they deserve, whether good things or bad things, and things are unjust when people do not get what they deserve, whether good things or bad things….

(Republic, Plato)

Truly Yours,

Yan Aung.

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