Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Visit to Purdue Graduate School

Today, I went to Purdue Graduate school and talked to the professors there.
The weather was a bit foggy but we arrived the campus safe and sound around 9 am. The recruiter escorted us to the Math Department building and we were welcomed by the Graduate Chair. He explained to me and Feng Mai about Math Graduate Programs. Man, I can afford it. It's only $ 711 for the whole semester including the Teaching Assistantship and fellowships. Not bad at all.

Then, I joined the Abstract Algebra class taught by Professor Lepin from Harvard University. The class is a bit boring but the subject is interesting. After that, I went up to 6th floor to meet Professor Abyankhar. He got his Ph.D from Harvard. He's very friendly and he even lent me one of his textbook.

Later on, me and Feng Mai were greeted by another Graduate student, Dave, who accompanied us to the Coffee shop and Math Department Library. Everything went well. We had an excellent dinner at Jake's Steak (I believe). Then, we went back to the Wabash College. Thanks for arranging this trip, Mr. Scott!

Well, I need to plan my future much more concisely from now on. No more wondering about the broken heart, my man! It's more important not to let your life broken into pieces. Be real! Be tough! Be potent! :D

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