Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chess Club is officially founded!

I founded a chess club tonight. I'm really glad to meet the people who have the same interest as mine. Five officer positions were created and we discussed briefly about our upcoming activities for this semester. It's a good feeling to explore your inner mind and get the most out of yourself. I am proud of leading this Chess club during my school year at Wabash.

This kind of feeling is dejavu to me coz I felt the same feeling in 2001 when I led a paying-homage ceremony to our teachers at ACE Programming schools. You know what! I, sometimes, thank God for giving me an unconquerable soul in my heart. I was torn down by broken-hearted feeling for a week or so. But, finally, I recovered. Right now, I'm totally determined for my future and upcoming success. Love is just an illusion. I should try to forget. (Michael Learns said these words. Not me!)

I'm thinking about these pictures as the logo for my chess club as well as for the Chess Club T-shirts.

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