Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is pulling allnighter a good habit?

Hmm... Many people will give the answer 'no' instantly. But, let's think a little bit here.
Do you care about sleeping or working at your prime time? If you are a programmer, writer, composer, etc., you will at least try pulling allnighter once in your life time. Why?
Because we need to. We need to work while our thoughts are in session. We want to continue our work while our creativity and initution are processed at high speed. That's why we stay all night. Who cares?

I've read in the Times magazine (dunno which issue is) that there are two main types of workers; day worker and night worker. It doesn't really matter how you sleep but it does how you create your work. Some people prefer to work in the day time (sleep early, get up early type). But, some people want to goof off in the daytime and work hard when night time falls (such as artists, writers). In general, people don't really care about regularity. But, all mankind care about creativity.

If you can create better in the night time, do it. Stick to it. If you can't, leave it. Forget it. Don't let yourself put into the normal functionality only for the sake of the commonly accepted idea about sleeping. You know what? Edison didn't sleep for three days straight when he was thinking over his project. Newton forgot to eat when he was working on Math Problems. You ain't Newton and I ain't Edison. But, you have your choice and I have my choice too. So, let's be different. Let's stand out as the outstanding individuals.

I believe you will know how to answer my question properly now. Anyway, I'll ask you one more time.
Is pulling allnighter a good habit?
As for me, it's awesome!!!
If you don't agree with me, just be it. You have the right to disagree with me. And so do I...
Have a nice day, guys. I'm going to my work now. Cheers...

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Hla Win May Oo said...

That's typical Tutor Yan! Explaining in detail to get a proper answer!

My answer: As long as you are doing good deeds, day or night is not a big matter, indeed.

I love this: In general, people don't really care about regularity. But, all mankind care about creativity.

Enjoy being a night wise owl. :)