Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chatting with Insomenia and International Loves

The night is too long and I'm not ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving break yet. I am missing you all the time. Though I really wanna see you this weekend, I cancelled my flight in the last minute. Honestly, I can't help myself missing you. But, Honey, to love you in the long term, I need to control my instantaneous desire.

You know what? I was so worried about you this evening that I even thought my heart missed some beats. Man, I'm not that type. If you love me indeed, don't turn off your phone. You would regret forever if I died of extreme worry. No kidding.
The turkey dropped from my hand while I was thinking about you getting into trouble. I love you so much and I can't help being away from you for such a long time.

I know you have been tired from your hard work today. And I didn't wanna bother you with my concerned love last night coz my love for you means not giving a hard time to you.
I'm especially writing this message to cure my insomenia.
Enjoy your Saturday mornings with the new love songs I found from youtube! I love you so much, Honey.

I think I should sleep now. Like I always said, I need to negotiate with my insomenia. Haha.

I believe the first one is the Korean love song but I don't know about the seconde one. It looks Russian to me. I dont' know, man! I'm not a linguist. I'm just a loveguist. (Don't find it in the dictionary. I just coined that word. It means I study a lot about love.) LOL...

If I love you like the guy in this song.....

will you love me like her?

Ok, here's the conclusion. I won't be blinded like him or you won't be crashed by car either. Just feel their love, ok? Don't get me wrong with my intention. My eyes are really really really good and I can read for hours and chat for all night without wearing glasses. And you are also careful when you pass the roads. So??? Just feel the love, ok? I love you soooooooooo much.....

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