Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greetings from california...

How are you doing, guys or girls or ladies or gentlemen or whatever? ;)

This is my very first post written with my mobile. I wish i could write in burmese, but can't do that on my mobile. So, pls put up with my english post.

The first reason i am writing this post is that i'd love to keep in touch with my friends, readers and (of course) my family members as well, while i'm travelling.

The second reason will be more interesting. I've never tried mobile blogging before even though I really wanted to.

The third reason is simply challenging myself to blog in english. Yes! I've been willing to practise my english writing skills since long time ago. Practising by that i mean to express my feelings and thoughts by applying the best command of english vocabularies and sentence patterns i've learned. Hence, to put it in a netshell, this mobile post is simply awakening my long_time dreams.

Enough to be said. Let's get to the point. ;)

I flew from New York to California yesterday to spend my vacation with my childhood friend. We shall be travelling together with a 7-day-vacation package. The trip will cover the breathtaking scenarios of west coast such as golden gate bridge, Sanfrancisco, Bay Bridge, yellowstone national park, grand canyon, zion national park, bryce canyon, grand theton and many other tourist attractions. I'll cover more details of this trip if i could have managed to get Wi-Fi at the Hotels we'll be lodging or upload my written posts when i get back to NYC.

We are now on our way from Sanfrancisco to Sacramento. This post is written on the bus. The weather today is pretty sunny and lovely. I'd better stop writing here to save my phone battery for the rest of the day,

Love you all....

And greetings from California...


And, as usual and as always, guess what?


Gotcha! Haha

All the best to you,


Location : 520 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814,


Soe Mya Nandar Thet Lwin (Borros Roxo) said...

Have a Californian tan on your skin when you will coming back to NYC..

Enjoy Cali style!!!

Mwahhhhh back.

Nandar :)

thandar kyaw said...

Have a nice trip !
Take care bro.....

Talkii said...

Don't forget to take photos and share here in ur blog. :)

Have fun and be safe.

ေခ်ာ(အစိမ္းေရာင္လြင္ျပင္) said...

Good practice, keep going.
Anyway, happy to read your greetings.
Have a nice trip and have a good time there in California.


khin oo may said...

့have a nice trip!

. said...

wow wow wow.. :) I wish to go there too.. Have a good time, bro!

phyuphyu said...

Kan Yo ,
Happy to know that u r in good health ..
Have a wonderful trip !!!

Glory said...!Have a nice vacation!!!!!!

nay chi said...

Have a nice trip, Ko Yan Ag!
I love to read your post. But if you practice your english writing skill in this blog, I'm sure to lose my taste in reading.
Few reasons are;
1. becoz of my poor english reading skill
2. being lazy to read english
3. can't get ur writing syle as before

Anyway, go ahead bro.